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After debating for the last couple of months about re-organizing my two blogs into a more intuitive (perhaps logical even?) format, I finally took advantage of some down time over the weekend and made a few changes. From now on, will no longer be my blog written in English, but instead will serve as a “business card/window” into my world. My “English” blog is now hosted on and my “Brazilian Portuguese" blog lives on

If you happen to maintain one of the blog aggregators (aka “planets”) I kindly ask you to update my feed as follows:

One more thing I did over the weekend was to change my email signature to no longer include “GNOME Board of Directors”. Sometimes I catch myself remembering that wasn’t too ago that I dreamed of joining the Board and making a difference… I feel that I learned a lot about the GNOME project as a whole, as well as about a lot of the people behind it. I didn’t fulfill all of the things I wanted to accomplish (work, real life and a bit of inexperience got on the way of things some times) but I sure hope that people will appreciate the things I did get done. In the end I chose not to run for re-election because the time is just not right for me, but I don’t rule out running again in the near future.

Anyhow, update your feeds and best of luck to the new GNOME Board of Directors!


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