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Gandalf, my Pentium 4 that has seen more OSes than any other computer I’ve ever had, had apparently commited suicide this last weekend. Everything led me to believe it was an OD of electricity, as my building has experienced some un-explained power surges these last few weeks. Even though both Gandlaf and Houdini were plugged to a power surge protector, Gandalf stopped emmiting any signals and by Monday evening was pronounced dead… or so I thought.

You see, Gandalf was running the very latest, ass kicking Dapper Drake (since flight 2)… and in order to completely brace the new version, and better document any bugs, I stopped using Houdini (running Breezy) cold turkey and jumped on the Dapper wagon!  I became extremelly hooked to the new stuff (gajim, firefox, totem, mono, all running at bleeding edge speed) and when Gandalf kicked the bucket, I suffered from Dapper Drake Sudden Withdraw Syndrome!

I was so affected by this incident that I didn’t touch the “corpse” until last night… when, without any explanation, the old wizard open his eyes and got back on its feet!  What a joy!  Nirvana!

Long live Gandalf!


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