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RssReaderNET - v0.0.2

Originally uploaded by omaciel.

Haven’t received any offers of help with my RssReader.NET application… but it’s not like I was expecting offers anyhow. :) Yesterday and today I spent some time making some changes to the UI as well adding some new functionality. UI changes include:

  • Removed ComboBox control - Users will have to add new feeds via an interface.
  • Switched ListView control for a TreeView control - Will allow for expansion/collapsing of feeds and increase visibility of available posts.
  • Added a few buttons - These will disappear and are being used for testing purpose only.

New functionality include:

  • Add new feeds - Works!
  • Save (serializes) existing feeds - For offline reading. Needs some work.
  • Loads saved feeds - Same as above.

Right now I’m stuck due to some problems in serializing some of the objects (RssFeedCollection to be exact). Help figuring this out will be deeply appreciated. Maybe I should start a project in SourceForge


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