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Yesterday was my 6th wedding anniversary… Elizabeth and I lived together for almost 2 years first… to get to know each other… to experience what married life would be like before actually doing it. After only 3 months I just knew she was the one and I was destined to spend the rest of my life with her… grow old with her… The problem was that I didn’t make enough to support the both of us… so we lived together, sharing a 3 bedroom apartment with some folks…

Around September 2000 I was offered a great job with an up and coming pharmaceutical company, paying me almost 2.5 times what I was getting paid. I didn’t wait too long and October 16th, 2000 Elizabeth and I became one!

Six years have passed and we are still happy together. She has stood behind every single decision I have made, and she just gets me! How else can you explain how a couple who shared no interests managed to get married? She is the opposite of everything I am! When I’m hot, she’s cold… I like beer, she likes water… I love hockey, she won’t stand sports… I love working around computers, she is happy with her tv… Without a doubt, we are a very odd couple! :)

Our story has brought us to a new chapter in our adventure, where we’ve moved 500 miles South of where we both grew up, with an-almost-5-year-old daughter named Yv (pronounced Evie) and another girl who shall be born mid February 2007.

We’ve had our ups and downs but we have managed to stay together… My love for her gets stronger every day and I can absolutely say I’m still very much in love with that girl who was so important in the most dark period of my life! So far I really like where this story is headed, so I’ll keep reading it… ;)


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