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One of these days I was working on a new graphical interface for a new application in python, when I noticed something familiar. Every time I need to add a gtk.TreeView widget to one of my programs, I end up re-writing the same code, over and over again and again… so I thought:

"Why not create my own kit/widget and stop rehashing code?"

Since I had a pretty uneventfull Saturday, I ended up creating GenericList, my own abstraction of a generic grk.TreeView.

A very generic gtk.TreeView base class

Now, every time I need to add a list to one of my programs, all I have to do is instantiate this class, “feeding” it only the layout of the columns I need. Or, subclass it:

Subclassing the generic list

The code for the subclass is all here (above)… Inside my code I instantiate it and then I can add, remove, etc records/rows simply calling the generic methods add(), remove(), etc, etc, as shown below:

from billlistview import BillListView as ListView self.list = ListView() pixbuf = gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file(‘coin.jpg’) list = [[pixbuf, ‘Verizon’, ‘$ 49,00’, ‘04/27/2007’], [pixbuf, ‘T-Mobile’, ‘$ 55,99’, ‘04/15/2007’], [pixbuf, ‘Cable’, ‘$ 111,99’, ‘04/15/2007’]] self.list.addList(list)

A little test application

Obiously, I could not finish this post without a screenshot of the exemplo above in execution.

A sample demo

I still want to add a few more methods before adding it to BillReminder.


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