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On a previous post I had promised to comment on the movie Sideways. I finally managed to see it while visiting my sister in North Carolina and was very pleased with the movie as a whole. The cast, the plot, the cinematography, the dialogues, everything contributed to a pleasant comedy-drama. Paul Giamatti (Miles) and Thomas Haden Church (Jack) take you on a roller coaster of emotions, making you ponder about your own choices in life as well as make you piss in your pants with their outrageous adventures. I won’t get into what the plot of the movie is (you can check it out by clicking on the link above) but I will garantee you will not be disappointed! It is yet another great example that a movie doesn’t have to show tasteless nudity or have a star-filled cast or be completely rendered with special effects in order to be good. Since wine tasting plays a major role in the movie, one can’t help but long for a tall glass of red wine by the time it’s over (but NO MERLOT!!!) :)


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