Started the process of getting jiggy with Clojure at work and didn’t like the idea of using Eclipse for my day to day work… so I started looking at how to make vim and clojure get along and came across a great post! Here are the distilled notes plus minor tweaks to get anyone out there trying to do the same thing going:

  1. Download VimClojure (
  2. Download VimSlime (
  3. Extract these files into your ~/.vim folder
  4. Add the following lines to ~/.vimrc:
    • " Settings for VimClojure
    • let vimclojure#HighlightBuiltins = 1
    • let vimclojure#ParenRainbow = 1
    • " Send entire file to repl
    • nmap <C-m> ggVG<C-c><C-c>
  5. Start a repl session inside screen:
    • screen -S clojure
    • lein repl
  6. Open a clojure file with vim and highlight the method you want to evaluate
  7. Press ctrl + c twice
    • For session name prompt, enter ‘clojure’ which is the name of the screen session
    • For window name prompt, accept the default number displayed
  8. The selected code should be evaluated in the screen session
  9. Press ctrl + c, v to get prompt again

Vim and Clojure sitting on a tree


  • I chose to start a repl using lein but you can use whatever you’re familar with to get a repl started
  • I have lein inside a directory in my Dropbox as well as all of my vim files and plugins. I then created soft links to them in my $HOME directory which makes this whole thing very easy to access from different systems as long as Dropbox is installed :)


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