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Crayon Test by PauS

Crayon Test by PauS

It was with great anticipation that I headed down to Duke University North Pavillion to listen to Frank Wierzbicki's, lead committer for Jython, presentation on Selenium and Sauce for this month’s TriZPUG meeting. Having used a few other tools to automate web application testing/QA, I felt that it was time to revisit Selenium and see if there was anything new worth checking.

I must say that the combination of Selenium and Sauce make up for a killer toolset for anyone who has to deal with supporting a web application across multiple platforms and browsers! Some of the features related to strictly writing Python code and driving testes from the command line had me salivating, but what really made a difference for me was Frank Wierzbicki himself!

What a pleasure it was to sit there and hear him pour out with excitement the cool things you can do with those tools! It was contagious too! Now, I’m no stranger to tools like Selenium as I have spent my fair share with Windmill (love it!) and SOASTA’s Concerto as well as RIA Test, but Frank’s excitement made me want to try Selenium again! And again!

This was the first time I saw him speak but I sure hope it won’t be the last!


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