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This was a very busy Sunday, with a lot of soccer on tv (or how we call it outside the U.S., football), a lot of beer, and B-B-Q, like a good brazilian should.  ;)  In between a lot of meat, beer, checking translations, participating on a podcast, and an unexpected visit from my in-laws, I somehow managed to “play” with my TabletPC and rotate the screen.  The tip came via a comment on my previous post, and involves the addition of a simple line in the xorg.conf file:Option “RandRRotationâ€Â?

Section “Deviceâ€Â? Identifier      â€Â?NVIDIA Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 420 Go 32M]â€Â? Driver         â€Â?nvidiaâ€Â? BusID          “PCI:1:0:0″ Option         â€Â?RandRRotationâ€Â? EndSection Section “Monitorâ€Â? Identifier      â€Â?Generic Monitorâ€Â? Option          â€Â?DPMSâ€Â? HorizSync       28-51 VertRefresh     43-60 EndSection

All you have to do is re-start X (pressing CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE worked for me) and, opening a terminal, typing the following command:

xrandr -o { left | right | inverted | normal }

As you can see in the screenshot abaixo, my TabletPC’s screen was rotated 90 degrees: image0 The only issue I had was with the mouse (or even the stylus pen) not re-associating its axis, what made it very difficult to take this screebshot.  ;)   I don’t know if there’s a graphical interface for xrandr, but I am already salivating at the possibilities for writing my own.


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