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I’ve already mentioned on my Twitter account about our latest feat here at rPath, namely, “rPath Expands Operating System Coverage with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5.” But the more I play with our technology, the more gaga I get at how simple we can make things!

So today I built a plain vanilla appliance based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5 withjust enough operating system and launched it on VMware vSphere 4. I then ssh’ed into this system and ran:

[root@sweet ~]#: conary update httpd Including extra troves to resolve dependencies: apr-util:rpm=1.2.7_6-1-1 apr:rpm=1.2.7_11-1-1 mailcap:rpm=2.1.23_1.fc6-1-1 postgresql-libs:rpm=8.1.4_1.1-1-1 Applying update job: Install apr(:rpm)=1.2.7_11-1-1 Install apr-util(:rpm)=1.2.7_6-1-1 Install httpd(:rpm)=2.2.3_6.el5-1-1 Install mailcap(:rpm)=2.1.23_1.fc6-1-1 Install postgresql-libs(:rpm)=8.1.4_1.1-1-1 [root@sweet ~]# service httpd start Starting httpd:                                           [  OK  ] [root@sweet ~]# rpm -q httpd httpd-2.2.3-6.el5

Apache Web Server

In case you missed it, I used conary to install the httpd RPM and the entire system is being managed by conary but compliant to what rpm expects! Christmas did come early this year!!!


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