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Hiroshima completely flattened


I can’t believe I forgot to blog about one of the biggest act of cowardice in human history: This past Saturday, August 6th 2005 marked 60 years since the US dropped an atomic bomb (codenamed Little Boy) over Hiroshima! In a matter of seconds, complete generations were literally wiped off the face of the Earth and the Empire of Japan brought down to their knees had no other choice but surrender during WWII. Apparently, real footage and pictures of Hiroshima after the blast had been censured in the US for many decades and we haven’t really learned or heard the true effects that this act had on the entire nation. Maybe if people had heard the true stories of people literally melting down due to the extensive heat (and probably atomic radiation) they had been exposed and the subsequent after effects and mutation-related diseases and birth defects that most likely evolved later on, we would have made August 6th a day of mourning and remembrance of the day the human race decided to open Pandora’s Box!

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