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First of all, I want to thank all the kind comments on my previous post. :) To show my appreciation, here is something for those days when you can hardly think straight…

Enemy Territory


  • You should have a Nvidia or ATI card and driver…
  • and libgtk1.2: sudo apt-get install libgtk1.2



  • In a deep pan, execute the installation program as such:

    sudo sh ./

Immediately, a smaller window with installation instructions will pop-up. Choosing the default options should be enough for now.

  • Now, carefully add a dash of patch, using the following command:

    sudo sh ./


After cooking it up on low for some minutes, serve the main dish with the following command:


Alternativally, you could serve it on a nice porcelain dish, accessing it from the menu Applications -> Other -> enemy-territory. I’m sure all your guests will praise you for your culinary skills! Buon Apetit!!!

Adaptation of the original: ` <>`__


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