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Been using PulseAudio for several months now and was extremelly happy with the end result. The ability of controlling the volume for specific applications alone made it very worth the change. But there was one little issue that bothered me a lot: not being able to play my games with support for audio! Back when I started searching for a solution, I didn’t find anything that would resolve this issue and I eventually accepted that as a fact.

Today I came across this awesome source of information (it was most likely under my nose for quite some time) for those with the same scenario and I can now confirm that it works!

I can now run Enemy Territory by simply exporting the following environment variable:

export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=esd et

And World of Padman:

padsp WoP

Life is good now!

On a different subject, there’s been a lot of talk about the number five these days, but nobody has mentioned that you do not need to be a hacker to participate. Nobody mentioned that you can also help out by translating open source software! The only difference is that we usually work on a much higher scale… So for those of us working on translations, what is your 500? :)

My 500: - 518005 - 518006 - 518007 - 518008


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