Red Hat: 366 days later (and counting)

Red Hat 1year

Woke up to the following email this morning:

Dear Og Maciel,

Congratulations on your one-year anniversary with Red Hat! Thank you for your commitment and work over the past year. We hope that it has been everything you expected it to be and look forward to celebrating your future success with the company.

Time sure flies when you’re having too much fun! I can’t believe it’s been one whole year since I joined Red Hat as a Senior QA Engineer to work on their CloudForms project! So much has happened since then that it is a bit hard to remember all the new and exciting things I had the pleasure of being a part of! It is absolutely grate to be able to work on such a cool and challenging environment, and to experience first hand what open source and meritocracy really means!

I remember being asked during my interview process what my long-term goals were (or something along these lines), and my answer was:

"In the next 5 years I want to be the Go To person to all questions related to CloudForms!"

Well, one year down and four more to go! :)

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