Pylyglot, Now With More Translations

In Every Language

What a difference a day makes! Thanks to some feedback I got both here and in private, and thanks to a contributor with some extra free cycles at hand, Pylyglot got another face lift today.

So what’s new? There are now 245 total packages and 3,165,335 translations from yesterday’s 61 packages and 954,884 translations! You can also now link to a query using the resulting url from your searches using the format language=FOO&query=BAR, where FOO is the language’s ISO code and BAR is the term you’re searching.

Generating the data to fuel Pylyglot took approximately 2 hours and a lot of CPU from my personal desktop, yielding a database dump file of 451 MB. I’m still investigating sponsorship opportunities and partnerships to try to get a dedicated virtual server to handle the data parsing process as well as host the site (and avoid having to use my own desktop and scp the dump file up to Dreamhost).

What next? I still want to improve the search algorythm and return more precise and reliable results. I also want to add packages from other projects other than GNOME and make the data parsing process web driven via the Django administrative interface. Finally, I want to incorporate results from Google’s translation service so that you’ll have more options to choose from.

There are some long term goals I want to tackle too but those will be left for another blog post. In the meantime, please file issues, requests, and perhaps some patches using the project’s Github page. Until my next update then…

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