Primavera Project Management Class

I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I was told to attend “a class” at work starting today. To be honest, I wasn’t very thrilled about the idea but since I didn’t think I had a choice, I prepared myself to spend some long, boring hours at the “class room.” Well, it turns out that besides learning to use a project management tool called Primavera, we are also learning what it takes to professionaly managed a project (from the IT perspective). I am actually completely awake and really enjoying the experience of “playing” the software manager for a ficticious company. I’d say this is the closest I have ever gotten to learning how to properly manage something. It has got to be also the first time I didn’t fall asleep during any type of training I’ve been to in a long time! By this Friday I should be in good shape to add this as a new skill under my belt and my resume.

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