Populating a Katello instance using the CLI

Lately I have been asked a lot about my previous script to automatically populate a Katello server instance with real data (hi reyc!) I wrote that a while back and though it still does contain some helpful commands, I figured it was about time I updated it. Well, it took me longer than I expected to find some time and clean it up, but I think I can now show you a brand new script which also includes the extra feature of downloading a manifest file directly from Red Hat's portal and importing it as part of the process.

Currently the script assumes that you have the following information (either as environmental variables or substituted into the script:

RHN_USERNAME: A valid username for https://access.redhat.com/

RHN_PASSWORD: A valid password for https://access.redhat.com/

DISTRIBUTOR: An existing distributor UUID with access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server products

The new script is know to work with the very latest Katello nightly build. If you have any suggestions or constructive feedback, feel free to leave me a comment here or fork the gist and send me a pull request!

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