Hello 2023

It seems that my last post was from September 03, 2021, so perhaps at the “risk” of starting up this blogging thing once again, here’s what I wrote down as I sat down to ponder on what I’ve accomplished this past 2022. In no particular order:

2022 in Retrospective

  • Writing

    • Both “I.C.Q.” and “The Big Score” were translated and published by Brazilian publisher Editora InVerso and can be found at my Books page.
    • I started writing another Young Adult novel tentatively titled “Murder Hornet” (around 7,000 words so far).
  • Reading

    • I finished reading 64 books and fell way short of my goal of completing 100 books. I knew when I set this goal back in January 2022 that it was a very aspirational goal and I promised myself that I’d not focus on the number of books I read, and instead focused enjoying each and every one of them, which I did. Once again, 100 books is still an aspirational goal and I’ll be happy no matter what the final outcome is.
  • Work

    • At work I went through several reorganizations and periods of frustration due to change of managers, change of direction without proper communication, and attempts from other groups to take over my team. I confess that there were times when I was close to throwing in the towel to find some other place where I could spend less time dealing with office politics and more time leading my team. In the end, I chose to stay put and on December 5th, I completed 11 years at Red Hat.
    • I lost two highly effective engineers who left the company due to better salary offers some place else, which frustrated me and left me doubting about my ability to keep the team together when the job market was so hot and IT companies were throwing money at anyone with software engineering skills.
    • Together with my teammates, we launched Edge Management during Red Hat Summit on May 2022!!!
    • Toward the end of the year (starting in September) I started a major campaign with my teammates so that we could focus on increasing our code coverage (unittest) and our Deployment Frequency to the production environment. I’m glad to inform that while my teammates were probably ready to strangle me from talking so much about this topic, we have made significant progress on these fronts:
      • Code coverage:
        • Last 12 months: 46.89% (+11.52% during last 3 months)
      • Automated Deployment Frequency:
    Date PRs Promoted Total PRs Percentage
    January 0 70 0.00%
    February 2 129 1.55%
    March 2 166 1.20%
    April 4 105 3.81%
    May 3 68 4.41%
    June 3 109 2.75%
    July 1 86 1.16%
    August 8 93 8.60%
    September 18 82 21.95%
    October 32 68 47.06%
    November 28 75 37.33%
    December 38 73 52.05%
  • Health

    • Completed my very first 5K event (87 minutes)
    • I dropped from 122.5 to 105 pounds (in 2021 I dropped from 154 to 122.5 pounds)
    • I continued eating less rice, potatoes, and bread
    • Walking longer distances doesn’t feel a daunting task anymore
    • Several periods (consecutive weeks) of playing soccer for at least 40 minutes daily interspersed by weeks of not playing due to the weather (too cold, too wet)

Well, I guess I’ll wrap things up as I don’t really plan on sharing this post with anyone. I really am just using this post as an excuse to get myself motivated to update my Books page to include direct links to all of the newly translated and published books, which should happen shortly.

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