GNOME 3.0 Translations


Hey, are you feverishly working on the translation for the upcoming GNOME 3.0 release? Do you find yourself often wondering how a certain word was translated across the entire desktop applications? Well, I do and this is why I developed Pylyglot, a Django-driven localization tool that let’s you search for a word and see how it has been translated for a given language. The plan is to have fresh data straight from the GNOME git repositories every Monday for now, eventually switching to a more frequent update schedule.

Right now I’m getting a 500 error when you click on the list of packages for a certain word, but I hope I can fix it over this weekend. There is an issue filed for it, and if you have the time and interest in helping me fix it or suggestions (and patches) to improve the overall experience, please fork the project and come chat with me on #pylyglot on freenode:

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Happy translations!

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