Book Review: Stories of Your Life: and Others

Stories of Your Life: and Others by Ted Chiang

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A while back I came across a reference to a book that really caught my attention: The Lifecycle of Software Objects by Ted Chiang. At first glimpse, based on the title, I thought that it would be a technical book related to object oriented programming and software life cycle, but time would put me in for a good surprise.

Some time later someone gave me a copy of another Ted Chiang book, a collection of short stories titled “Stories of Your Life: and Others". ?If I could summarize my impressions with this book in one simple word, it would be: Wow! All of the short stories included were very captivating and well written, something that, in my humble opinion, is something very hard to pull off when compiling a list of short stories from one single author. Ted Chiang shows over and over that he really does his homework while researching for a story, so if you enjoy reading a good story with a clear and solid technical background intermingled in the plot, you’re in for a special treat! His prose and style just flows so easily that anyone can pretty much follow the logic behind the varied themes behind each story even if you’ve never read about object oriented programming or Fermat’s Principle before.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in reading something new and fresh that will give you enough food for thought for quite a while!

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