Book Review: Mockingjay


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Mockingjay, the third and final book of the Hunger Games series is a fast paced, gut wrenching story. If the previous book (read my review here) left you a bit bored to tears, this final installment is chock full of violence and action. It is also where most of the main characters come full circle and show their true colors!

At the end of “Catching Fire”, Katniss plus some of her new friends were rescued from the dome-shaped arena they were confided in by fighters from District 13. Peeta, however,  was left behind and become a prisoner of war. Turns out that the inhabitants of District 13 were not destroyed at all by the Capitol and were very much laying low and waiting for the right moment to start up a revolution.

So Katniss gets shipped to District 13 and after going through an intensive rehabilitation period, she starts to get a better picture of what her role has been and what is expected of her. Now, if you expect her to rise up to the occasion and become this super heroine, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Feeling the weight of knowing that Peeta is most likely being tortured, not knowing what to expect from District 13’s leaders, being constantly torn between Gale and Peeta and seeing her very few friends emotionally and psychologically crippled by the recent events  proves to be too much for her. If in the previous book she was all about bravery and action, this time she’s a train wreck and will often be found (or not) hiding and crying in closets.

The end of the book had a few interesting twists and an ending that, though it may have disappointed some of the readers, felt like a much more mature and wise in my humble opinion. The interesting thing for me is that, even though I often blamed the characters for being too immature or the author for not developing their background in a seamless manner, I will honestly miss them! After 3 books and 1158 pages it feels weird to not read about them anymore. Will I recommend this trilogy, however? Only if you’re a young adult!

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