Writing a Book: Check!

Growing up my dad used to tell me that there are three important milestones on a man’s life (though I feel that the same could be said about any gender):

  • Plant a tree
  • Have a child
  • Write a book

Through my life, I have planted quite a few trees, including a lemon and papaya tree I used to treat as my imaginary friends :)

I have also had the highest honor to be the father to three amazing girls!

This last March I was able to check the last item on that list off, by writing and self-publishing a book about my personal history around what I do for a living.

Software Quality Engineering: Tales From The Trenches

Today, I finally got a chance to hold in my own hands a physical copy of this book, and while I cannot compare this experience to what I felt when holding each one of my daughters, the feeling is nevertheless breathtaking.

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