Pre-Order My Book "I.C.Q." on Amazon

I.C.Q. - A Novel

This past July of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, I managed to finally get started on a project that had been shelved for a while: write my second book.

From July 13th to the middle of August, I wrote fevereshly every day, working on what became “I.C.Q.," my very first piece of fiction, which you can pre-order right now.

“Auggie Benson is a high school senior boy who freelances as a software developer and hacker after school to improve his skills and make some money on the side. Expanding his clientele from AOL to I.C.Q. users led him to meet Clarissa, a high school senior from nearby Scarsdale, NY, beginning a love story that took place in the summer of 1997.

Eventually, Auggie and Clarissa meet in real life and experience a couple of romantic days, cut short when she embarks on a month-long trip through Europe, a high school graduation gift from her parents.

Clarissa promises to write from every place she visits during her trip and asks Auggie to send all his correspondence to an address in London, her final destination before returning home. That would mean that Auggie would get to read her news as they arrived while Clarissa would only see his letters more than 30 days later. Will their relationship survive?”

This February 9th, “I.C.Q." will be finally published on Amazon, and I can hardly wait to see what folks will think about it. It was a labor of love, and a great learning experience for me too, as I hired a professional editor, bought my own ISBN, and did many other different things than what I had done for my first book. I could talk for hours about the whole process, but I guess that’ll be for another post.

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