Hiring is Tough!

So I've been trying to hire two python developers to join my automation team here at Red Hat since last November, 2013... and believe it or not, so far I've had absolutely zero success in finding good, strong, with real world experience candidates in North Carolina! I either find really smart people, who do have relevant backgrounds or could 'hit the ground running' but are way out of my current budget, or they lack real world experience and fall into more of an entry level position.

Basically I'm looking for someone who not only can 'speak python' fluently but also has experience doing automation and writing tests, as well as that 'QE mindset' that makes you want to automate all things and question all things about a product! Someone who knows how to file a good bug report and knows how to provide pertinent, relevant information to developers so that they can fix a bug. Finally, someone who believes in continuous integration and is excited about an opportunity to improve and augment our existing testing framework and work with a very exciting product, knowing that your contributions will affect literally thousands of customers world wide!

Bonus points if you know what Selenium is and have played with Paramiko and/or Requests!!!

Does that interest you? Feel that you got what I'm looking for? Then take a peek at these two positions and apply fast!

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