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For all you crazy USB-Portable-Device-Lovers out there: Portable FireFox 1.0.2 has been released!!! My favorite new features are:

COMMANDLINE PASSING - The Portable Firefox launcher now supports commandline passing! That’s right, you can drag an HTML file onto PortableFirefox.exe and drop it and it will open it right up. You can even manually set PortableFirefox.exe to be your default browser in Windows and it will open up URLs correctly. It will only pass in one commandline parameter and it is expecting it to be a URL. For the curious developers, I was able to add commandline passing by moving all paths in the launcher to relative from the EXE allowing me to avoid using the FullPath functions (which break the commandline reader). LOCAL PROFILE ADJUSTMENT - The new launcher now allows you to use your local profile within Portable Firefox. Just copy the contents of your local profile into the profile directory within Portable Firefox and the Portable Firefox launcher will make the necessary adjustments for you. It will not adjust anything within prefs.js, though, so some extensions and themes will not work.

Get full details at this mozillaZine thread.


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