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Been really enjoying my SeaGate Portable Drive. I managed to upload all my 13 GB+ of MP3s and Oggs together with a bunch of usefull applications and code I was carrying with me on a couple of CDs for quite some time. Having a central and portable repository for all of my music, documents, and code is something I’ve wanted for the longest time. I have also started to use the portable version of Firefox, which contrary to the “normal” version runs off of a portable device and not a (non-portable) hard drive. This has allowed me to keep all of my bookmarks in one place and use my browser of choice no matter where I’m connected to. In fact, I’m very interested to learn of other portable applications to increase my arsenal. Does anyone know of a good portable media player with good support for mp3s and oggs??? How about other “indispensable” applications that can be run off of a portable device???


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