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Today’s Google’s announcement of a Linux supported version of their Picasa product sent some ripple efects through the Open Source community pond… This article shows some interisting different ways people reacted to it, from the “holy cow, this is so cool Batman!” to the “… but they’re using Wine for this?” comments.

I particularly went through a roller coaster of emotions myself, going through several different “stages” as wave after wave of the news came up in my RSS Reader. Deep down I wish it had been a complete port… Not too sure why, but I have this unexplained need for native applications running on my computers, even if someone can prove to me that any permance issues are negligent. But at the end of the roller coaster “ride”, I started to wonder if this wouldn’t be a means to bring in (i.e. pseudo-port) other new applications over to linux faster? And when you consider the great variety of Open Source applications out there, would people for instance stop using the Gimp is one day Macrobe (Macromedia+Adobe) were to create a Wined version of Photoshop???

I wonder what kind of replies I’m going to get…


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