My co-worker Elliot Peele just released the Pastebin Appliance using rBuilder Online and conary. This is actually pretty cool and it will be extremely useful for those who want to have the features of a pastebin but don’t want to roll up their sleeves and install all the necessary pieces from scratch. You could even have it running on vmware and use it as such!

I’m sure that in a not so distant future people will really take advantage of virtualization and Linux appliances. It will be like having a computer system where the operating system is irrelevant and people will be able to pop in/out whatever features they want in the same manner one changes drill bits while doing some work in the house. Need a MythTV-like system? Pop the right appliance in and off you go! Need a robust [Oracle | MySQL | Postgres] database server? You get the gist. ;)


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