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I was extremely pleased/amazed when I read the change log with the modifications, new features, and bugs fixed in the up and coming new version for Openbox! The list is too big to mention here, but take my word for it: it is amazing!

You can already get packages for Ubuntu Feisty, Debian, Arch Linux, and Slackware. If you’re running Foresight Linux and want to try (unofficial for now) it, drop me a line.

Worth of mentioning are the three new sessions that will allow you to run Openbox as the default windows manager for GNOME or KDE (if you have them installed), or as I do at work: straight up! But, the best part is that you can now have all your favorite startup applications (via a script) saved in a file inside your $HOME/.config/openbox directory. I used to change the openbox.desktop file under the ../xsessions directory so to call a previously created startup script. The problem with that was that if you have multiple users, they would all get the same exact set of applications started by default.

The other thing I thought worth of mentioning was this little comment on their notes:

During the development cycle for Openbox 3.4, we fixed and closed every bug listed in the bug tracker from previous versions. Link

Wow!!! That is amazing!!! Kudos to all involved in the process! I may add that Openbox 3.4 will also be completely translated to Brazilian Portuguese, thanks to the initial effort by Crimeboy and a few touches by yours trully! ;) I’ve been running it for 4 days now and am extremely impressed with the speed!

Finally, I’ve also gotten ObConf running but it has a nasty bug that will mangle up your configuration files, making it hard for those who like to tweak it by hand. (bug #3155).


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