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I completely forgot to mention about this last Thursday’s first Open Source Alliance meeting at Paramus’ Panera Bread. I arrived earlier than everybody else despite the really bad traffic on Route 4 West. The place was really crowded and I couldn’t set up my laptop at the “usual” place by the conference room. I ended up going to the couch by the front entrance. Armed with a hot cup of coffee I proceeded to get boot my laptop and get some internet going… About 15 minutes later I realized something fishy was going on with the free wifi for I just could not get a working IP assigned. I also realized that nobody had shown up yet. Another 10 minutes went by and I just completely gave up on the wifi and took a walk to the back of Panera to see if anybody was there… I started to wonder if the meeting had been set to meet at a different Panera Bread, the one on 17 North. Luckly there were 4 guys already there with their laptops. I quickly grabbed my stuff and joined them for a very short meeting. Without the wifi access and having only 20+ minutes left we didn’t really get much accomplished. Steve (Open Source Alliance’s organizer), Murph (Slashdot’s organizer) and I (for those who don’t know, I’m the organizer for the Northern NJ Linux group) talked a bit about the unification of our groups and it was decided that starting next month, all individual meetings will be scheduled to coincide on the same date/venue. April 11th will be the last un-unified Linux meeting of the year and I’m planning to have a live install of Ubuntu. Hope to have a good turn out.


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