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It has been a long time since I last blogged on my other web site Linux Gnubbie. It was my first real “taste” of a real blown web site and up to the day I bought the domain I had relied on public (e.g. chock-full of banners and adds), free web site providers. Those really sucked specially because you were pretty much at the mercy of their regulations and forget about getting some type of remote access to work on your files. You’d better have either Front Page (and hope the provider supported Front Page extensions) or know how to FTP. Linux Gnubbie started out as my way to give something back to the Linux and Open Source community. I’d spend hours every day scouring the web for usefull tid-bits and add them to the site so that Open Source enthusiasts could have a central repositiory for information and “geek news.” Some time along the way the blog bug bit me hard and I chose to register another domain for my personal nonsense ideas and thoughts and that is when Journal of an Open Sourcee was born. Several months into this duo-existance I found myself struggling to support 2 sites and get work done at my daytime job. Unfortunately Linux Gnubbie was the one that suffered the most since Journal of an Open Sourcee doesn’t require much time from me. I was pondering the idea of just dumping the domain for Linux Gnubbie but I just can’t get myself to pull the plug on it. So I had this major epiphany while driving to work: why don’t I turn the web site into a public blogging site for enthusiasts as myself??? What better way to give back than provide those who can’t afford to own their own domain a place where they can contribute to the community? I’d be the administrator for the site obviously, “droping in” as often as possible to make sure things are running smoothly. So there it is… Those seriously interested and dedicated individuals can contact me via email (og dot maciel at gmail dot com). Once I have a good list of authors I’ll re-build the site and create the proper accounts.

Og Maciel


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