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I don’t know how your work environment is, but where I work all the engineers spend their entire days with their headphones glued to their heads listening to music. Each one of us must own a couple of thousands music files (all legal copies, I can assure you) in our laptops, and since we all share our collections through the office, one could say that we have a pretty decent online selection of music for all genres and tastes. Still, there are times when you yearn for something new… what to do?

During these times of despair (hehehe) there is nothing better than an intelligent sistem for music recommendation, those sites that use funky algorythms to recommend songs and artists based off your online historical data and listening habits. The list below represents my own recommendations for those who would like to experiment with this type of system.


I got this tip via this post. I found the recommendations fairly good, mas the visual display system steals the show in my oppinion!



The best of the all! Period!



One of the very first of the bunch, with a recommendation system based off the social network model, with lots of statistical information about your weekly, monthly, etc listening habits.

Radio Paradise:

Ok, Radio Paradise is not a recommendation system but an online radio station… but the variety of music they play is amazing!

Radio Paradise


Yet another online radio selection, with theme-based selections.


As you all can see, every day is a new musical adventure. :)


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