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Reading Scott James Remnant’s latest post on what he calls “Parallel Peer Programming” got me wondering if the same approach could work for the small project I’ve been secretly working on.

Scott fired up 3 separate screem sessions to which his co-worker Gustavo Niemeyer synced to. From that point one, they could see what each other was doing “live” in their respective terminals/laptops. Scott would write test cases in one terminal (to which Gustavo could now “watch”), Gustavo would then write the code in the second terminal to make sure it would pass the test, and use the third terminal to test it.

I have finally convinced SupertoadMan to join me and provide some needed help. Since we live far from each other (he lives in Farm land, err… near Boston and I live near NYC) and rarely get a chance to just sit down and code, this may just work. The only obstacle I can foresee is convincing him to ssh into my server (he’s a Windows OS guy and barfs when he has to use a console) using Putty…


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