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Now that you have downloaded and installed the latest Foresight Linux 2.5 release, here are a couple of things you may want to do:

  • Update Your System: Since Foresight has a rolling release schedule, we already have updates for you, including and newer MPlayer with support for Blue-Ray!

    Run sudo conary updateall

  • Install Chromium web browser: Try this pretty cool web browser made by Google. Got a gMail account? Take advantage of the bookmarks and password synchronization feature and have it all seamlessly integrated!

    Run sudo conary update chromium

  • Install Hotot and keep up with your friends on Twitter!

    Run sudo conary update hotot

  • Rock out with Spotify and enjoy a great music service!

    Run sudo conary update spotify

  • Terminator is one of the very first things I install on my systems and if you rely on using a solid and feature-filled terminal like I do, you will definitely install it too!

    Run sudo conary update terminator

  • Speaking of must haves my list would be incomplete with out installing Dropbox! I keep all of my “dot” files such as vimrc and bashrc in a directory hosted by Dropbox and then symlink them in my systems so that whenever I make any change to one of them, the change is propagated instantaneously to my other systems.

    Run sudo conary update nautilus-dropbox

Obviously, feel free to drop by #foresight on freenode and let us know what you think of Foresight and how we can improve your experience! Your Distro Should Be Cool!


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