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This last week has been but a blur to me due to the holidays (Thanksgiving here in the US) and my house being full of relatives who came to visit from upstate New York. With the exception of a patch I sent (and committed by Jonh, thanks!) to bugzilla, my time was spent doing the following:

  • Following and answering the questions that were asked for those running for the GNOME Board of Directors (I’m one of them). As someone pointed out, I believe I’m the only United States citizen running. If you care about the GNOME Project and its future direction, I highly recommend that you read these threads: 1,2,3.
  • Found some time to play with my N800 again! Vagalume rules and I can’t wait to get my hands on the new version for Canola!
  • Cleaning up my closet. I will have at least a good 50 computer books I’ll be donating by the end of the week, all less than 1 year old and in excellent conditions.
  • Enjoying the weather (until 3 days ago, when the temperature dropped noticeably) in North Carolina. I can never get enough of the North Carolina Botanical Garden here in Chapel Hill.


  • … and off course eating! :)

Anyhow, hope everyone had  a good break!


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