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Been kind of stormy down here in North Carolina since last night, with some pretty serious thunder storms causing havok around the area. Woke up today to see some trees snapped in half and a car buried under some big branches. With the electricity flickering all the time I thought it would be safe to turn off the PC and wait it out. After yet another stormy period today, I think it is safe to surf the web now.

Read several posts of people who are either going or have already arrived in Istambul for this year’s GUADEC. I could not help but feel disappointed that my participation in these types of community events has dramatically decreased in the last 2 years. I remember when I used to pack and go wherever there was something interesting happening, often paying from my own pocket, just so that I could be more involved and obviously have a chance to meet the people I interact with every day online. GUADEC is one of those events that I never got a chance to attend, even though I was approved last year for a lightining talk.

Guess I’ll just tell myself that there is always next year and try not to feel so bad… after all, I should be used by now with this type of disappointment.


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