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After several weeks agonizing over how to afford a trip to attend GUADEC 2010, I have finally arrived at the conclusion that I won’t be able to make it. Due to my current financial situation and obligations as a father of two, it would be unrealistic to hop on a plane and go to this event right now for me. Unfortunately none of the organizations I approached were able to offer me any type of financial support, understandable due to today’s economy issues.

I want to thank the amazing crew behind the GNOME Travel Committee for a very generous offer and for being so patient and allowing me to take a bit of time to make my decision.

I also want to thank the organizers for choosing my presentation and keeping me updated with the tentative schedule for the event. I’m really sorry I won’t be able to present it and I can only hope that someone else can fill in the vacancy.

Finally, I wish you all a wonderful event and I will be watching from the sidelines for the many amazing things that are sure to come out of GUADEC.


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