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  • Built a MT-Daapd Linux appliance to share my music at home. Installed it in a machine with 1GB of RAM and am now as happy as I can be. The whole thing weighs in at 237MB (I’ve included vim, openssh, libogg plus a few other nuggets) and off course everything is managed by the awesome conary technology. I’ve also added ushare (upnp support) and am hoping to make it so that sharing videos and music can be all done via a web interface. I haven’t made the installable ISO or VMWare image available yet but will do it soon.
  • Speaking of other technologies, I’ve been playing with a MacBook these last 2 days and am generally happy with the experience. Everything just… works! What? No need to tweak configuration files? With the exception of the lack of a right-click button, so far I give it 2 thumbs up.
  • Since we’re talking about operating systems, I was really glad to see that Foresight Linux has been awarded the 2008 Ovatio Award as the Distribution of the Year, and honor that is shared with its other green cousin, openSUSE. I have been running Foresight for over 2 years now and I just cannot imagine any other distribution that would give me the same flexibility, stability and coolness combo. You want to see a distribution that knows how to be a first citizen in the upstream world? Come talk to me on #foresight on Freenode.
  • Speaking of being a good citizen with upstream projects, if you speak Brazilian Portuguese you’ll be glad to know that the GNOME, KDE, XFCE, and Openbox desktop environments are in excelente shape as far as the localization effort goes. The Brazilian translation team for Fedora has also done a great job at delivering a localized desktop with their latest release! Now, I don’t know where you get your translations but if it isn’t being pulled (without modifications) from upstream, good luck pal!
  • Finally, between the many hours I have put into work these days (ever wonder why I haven’t blogged much? now you know) I have managed to mess around with Django to scratch a need. If I were to describe what I think about this framework using as few words as possible, w00t and teh aw3s0m3 comes to mind! By the way, writing code with 2 other guys while discussing ideas over Skype? Great XP experience for those who cannot afford to travel!


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