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No, I’m not in Australia but the other down under… South America! hehehe Am headed toward the last couple of days of my vacation in Brazil. Last time I stepped on Brazilian soil I was almost 17 and had barely travelled outside of my (then) home state of Espirito Santo. Now, 14 years later, I came back to re-visit old friends and relatives. Though things have dramatically changed and a great deal of my friends have moved out, I have managed to enjoy my stay so far. Haven’t really spent much time in front of the PC or browsed much (mainly due to the very shaddy internet connection) so I believe to be completely out of tune with what is going on. I noticed that my home PC seems to be down since I just can’t seem to be able to connect to it via ssh. It would be ok wasn’t for the fact that my other blog (written in portuguese) is hosted there and I can not revive it without human intervention.

Anyhow, just wanted to drop a line for those who read my blog and were wondering what had happened to me. I’ll be back this Sunday, Nov. 28, hopefully not too sun burned and overfed! ;)


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