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I’m very excited to announce that I have taken the role of committer for the Brazilian XFCE Team! I bring to the table my background as a translator for the GNOME team for the last 9-10 months, as well as my background as a translator and former leader of the Brazilian Ubuntu Translation Team (and some minor contributions with the Brazilian KDE Team).

I want to take the opportunity to properly thank Adriano Winter Bess for kindly stepping down as the pt_BR translations maintainer, and allowing me to take this role. I’m sure I have a pretty big “shoe to fill” and I can only hope to do a job as great as he has in the past!

I already envision a major collaboration effort between the Brazilian translation teams in order to create a single, standardized location (together with the LDP-BR guys) for a vocabulary “repository”. Brazilian Portuguese speaking users of open sourced software should be able to use their systems and have a standardized vocabulary throughout!

For those interested in participating in the translation process, please swing by the #xfce-br channel on Freenode and ping me (either OgMaciel or GnuKemist).


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