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TransifexA newer version of the Transifex Appliance has been released with all the latest, juicy bits! There are several new translations, features and fixes in place. There’s also a couple of new image types for your download pleasure:

  • x86 Installable CD/DVD
  • x86_64 Installable CD/DVD
  • x86 VMware (R) Virtual Appliance
  • x86_64 VMware (R) Virtual Appliance
  • x86 VMware (R) ESX Server Virtual Appliance
  • x86_64 VMware (R) ESX Server Virtual Appliance
  • x86 Amazon Machine Image (EC2) (DomU)
  • x86_64 Amazon Machine Image (EC2) (DomU)

Once you have it running, login to your appliance with the following credentials:

  • User: editor, Password: editor, for administrative tasks;
  • User: guest, Password: guest, to browse around;

As always, feel free to drop me a line with your comments and/or suggestions.


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