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Well, not those kids anyway… :) I just packaged a couple of new applications today to see if I could augment my Openbox experience. Well, one of them was more out of curiosity. ;)

The first one was Nitrogen, “a background browser and setter for X windows.” It is fairly light with a very clean interface. Sure I can set my wallpaper via the command line, but the preview thumbnails are very helpful! :) Speaking to Dave, lead developer for the project, I learned about a couple of new features (already checked in SVN) for the next release! Make sure to pester him with your suggestions via his contact information found in the web site.

The second application was Gnome-Specimen, “your favourite tool for previewing and comparing fonts”. Once again, a fairly light and easy application that could be very helpful to anyone who wants to preview the effect of fonts on a given text.

The screenshot below shows both applications running on Openbox 3.3.995… For a higher resolution, click on it. :)

Nitrogen and Gnome Specimen running on Openbox 3.3.995


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