W00t!!! With the help (and lots of patience) from Ken, I was able to cook up my very first package using the Conary system! The package was the Drivel blogging tool and it has already been pushed up to rPath Contrib.

Packaging for any conary-based system is as simple as writing up a recipe (for nostalgia, mine is included below) and “cooking” it with conary!

class Drivel(AutoPackageRecipe):
   name = 'drivel'
   version = '2.0.3'
   buildRequires = ['GConf:devel', 'GConf:runtime', 'ORBit2:devel', 'aspell:devel', 'atk:devel', 'cairo:devel', 'curl:devel', 'dbus-glib:devel', 'dbus:devel', 'desktop-file-utils:runtime', 'e2fsprogs:devel', 'expat:devel', 'fontconfig:devel', 'freetype:devel', 'gettext:runtime', 'glib:devel', 'gnome-keyring:devel', 'gnome-vfs:devel', 'gtk:devel', 'gtk:runtime', 'gtksourceview:devel', 'gtkspell:devel', 'krb5:devel', 'libICE:devel', 'libSM:devel', 'libX11:devel', 'libXrender:devel', 'libart_lgpl:devel', 'libbonobo:devel', 'libbonoboui:devel', 'libglade:devel', 'libgnome:devel', 'libgnomecanvas:devel', 'libgnomeprint:devel', 'libgnomeui:devel', 'libpng:devel', 'libxml2:devel', 'openssl:devel', 'pango:devel', 'perl:runtime', 'pkgconfig:devel', 'popt:devel', 'scrollkeeper:runtime', 'shared-mime-info:runtime', 'zlib:devel']

   def unpack(r):

Anyone interested in learning about Conary and how to package stuff, sign up for a free account at rBuilder and check out the documentation.


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