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Yesterday I sent out an email to the members of the Ubuntu Brazilian Council (of which I’ve been a member for quite some time now) informing of my decision to step down. For the last few months I have been extremely busy at work as well as keeping up with the translations for GNOME, XFCE, Ubuntu and my pet project BillReminder. As if this wasn’t enough, Kate, my youngest child is now 14 months old and walking all over the apartment… and Yv is almost 7 already! :)

Just as I had stepped down from leading the Brazilian translation team before in order to give someone else a chance to guide the group, I once again believe it is time to let the “new blood” do their thing.

Looking back when I first started in the community in 2005, I can say that it was lots of fun being able to pave the way to the newer generation of free and open source software users in Brazil. It makes me feel extra proud when I remember that I’ve accomplished things without actually living in Brazil during all these years. Sure there were many bumps along the way, and unfortunately some friendships were tarnished due to different opinions but I firmly believe I did the best to keep the community’s best interest. I did what leaders are supposed to do: make decisions… and I have no regrets!

Does that mean I won’t be involved with the Ubuntu community? Absolutely not! Through the years my interest has expanded beyond Ubuntu and today I am involved in many different communities, distros e projects. I will still be very much involved with the Ubuntu guys and am looking forward to the newer crop of administrators and leaders for the Brazilian community!


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