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A while back I wrote about how I first got hooked on coffee and received some really good comments and suggestions for new coffees to try. I was immediately attracted to one coffee in particular: Zoka! Don’t ask me what it was but there was something about the name that tickled my fancy. So I sent their customer service department an email and asked if they would send me a few samples. The very next day I received a reply and the promisse that they would send me a couple of bags. Since I had also received 2 other bags of coffee from friends to try I figured I’d report here how the “coffee experiment” went.

Now, I don’t pretend to be an expert or a connoisseur and my oppinion here is nothing but, well… my own oppinion and is not meant to influence what brand of coffee you should buy. I just enjoy drinking coffee and hope you’ll find this useful.

[caption id=”attachment_1130” align=”aligncenter” width=”300” caption=”The Great Coffee Experiment”]The Great Coffee Experiment[/caption]

Zoka's coffee arrived at my doorstep a few days later on a Friday afternoon. With names such as “Costa Rica Calle de Copey" and "Tangletown Blend”, the two neatly packed bags of whole beans looked very organic-y. The neat label in the front telling you when that specific bag was put together was a nice touch, almost like someone took their time to hand pick the coffee beans and gently places them into the bag (and it smelled great too!).

I first tried the “Costa Rica Calle de Copey" with its promisse to deliver a rich, fruity flavor. After grinding (espresso) enough coffee for my wife and I and impatiently waiting for the brew, we were both impressed with the strong flavor of melon and hints of lemon! I mean, I usually drink my coffee black with sugar (though I’ve drastically cut down on how much sugar I’m using now) and am not too fond of fruity coffee. Maybe because most of the time fruity coffee is a bit too acidic for me. I must say however that I was not put off by this blend and I can see myself drinking it out on the back porch after dinner.

The next day I decided to try “Tangletown" for breakfast and was very pleased with the experience! Tones of chocolate and caramel seem to balance the acidity for a robust cup of coffee! I’m talking about great smooth flavor with an almost chocolaty ending! Needless to say I am now hooked and will need to find a place to buy my next one! As I mentioned before I still have 2 more bags of coffee to try and am very much looking forward to trying these 2 Brazilian blends: "Caboclo" and "Café Três Pontas”! Until then, feel free to drop me a line with more suggestions or comments. Also, if you come across a bag of “Tangletown”, don’t hesitate to buy it! :)


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