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Read some nostalgic posts about the now defunt tv show The Screen Savers. It made it sound like it was a great show! PUAH! TSS was an interesting show back in the pre-Sarah-and-Kevin-and-hottie-girls-wearing-mini-skirts era! During the last 2-3 seasons of its existence they completely lost its charm, switching from a simple show that was actually helpfull to the computer illiterate or novice, to a super commercialized show. Almost all of their reviews and segments involved some type of commercial application and some of the new members showed complete ignorance of the material they were supposedly covering. It was very rare when they did any significant Open Source or Linux coverage, and even then Kevin Rose (so called Dark Tipper) seemed to be following some type of recipe. To those of you still crying about the show being sacked: GET OVER IT!


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