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Quick post to mention a couple of personal milestones and events:

  • Today is my 1-year anniversary at rPath. It also marks 1 year since I stopped doing work with VB.NET/C# and PL/SQL and embarked in a brand new world of Python, and web-by programming… There is not a day that I don’t learn something new!
  • Sept. 29th marked 1 year since I left New Jersey for North Carolina! Besides the advantages of working with such a smart bunch (see above), I now get to spend quality time with my wife and two daughters. I get to see them grow and learn, and that is priceless!
  • October 16th will be my 7th wedding anniversary! Marrying Elizabeth was about the smartest thing I have ever done!
  • I will be attending this year’s FOSSCamp 2007, together with my friend Ken Vandine. Looking forward to seeing Jorge and Jono again!


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