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So I have finally migrated BillReminder to Google Code, thanks to the helping hand of a few gents from Google. I did expect a full, smooth migration process but, for better or worse, there are a lot of manual steps that you have to perform before you can have the same structure (well, not the same but something usefull) from SourceForge. I figured I’d mention here some of the things I had to do for those who may find themselves wanting to do the same thing.

I strongly recommend that you subscribe to the Hosting at Google Code discussion group… this is where you can expect some good help and pointers!

Once you have your project set up, you’ll probably want to migrate your source code repository from SourceForge. That can be easily done by executing the following command:

svnsync init —username [your username] https://[your project] https://[your project][your project] svnsync sync —username [your username] https://[your project]

Obviously, you want to change the commands above with your information. It is also important to fetch your repository’s password (not to confuse with your gmail’s password) from your project’s settings page, as you’ll be prompted for it.

The second command responsible for synching up your new repository failed for me a couple of times… but do not dispair. For me, four times was a charm! :)

From that point onward, I tweaked the settings for my project a bit and even managed to add the latest release to the downloads page. Unfortunately my bugs, patches and feature/support requests were not part of the migration and I’m yet to read up on how to do it (hopefully) without too much complications. More on that on another follow up post, as well as how to set up mailing lists and commit lists for your developers.

So don’t forget to update the source code repository the next time you feel the urge to contribute with BillReminder:

svn checkout billreminder-read-only


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