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That is, Missing In Action / Prisoner Of WORK! Here at rPath we work based on iteration periods that could vary between 4 - 6 weeks. During these periods, we are all assigned (or loaded as we say) several hours of issues to work on plus whatever may come up during the course of the iteration. Decided to tackle all my issues without any disturbance, I took the plunge and have completely immersed myself in lots of python, javascript, and you name it! My participation on IRC channels other that the ones used internally drop down to close to zero, and the same goes for emails and jabber! Needless to say, whatever free moment I had was spent with my family and watching Brazil win the Copa America! Occasionally, while flipping through a magazine or a book, I’d fire up the N800 and play with it for a while. In one of these occasions, I uploaded my own mock-up code for the Tasks application. As I already had it (Tasks) installed and since my code was written in Python, I figured it would just run in the N800.

Here you can see the real Tasks app:

Tasks running on the N800

Sure enough, without making any code change, I was able to run my own code as shown below:

My hacked

Oh, the possibilities!!! Unfortunately that was the last time I touched it (due to the reasons already mentioned above), but am very much itching to turn my mock-up into a full blown app / example! I also want to port my pet project BillReminder to it.

This Friday I’m flying to NYC to spend my dad’s birthday with the whole family. I’ll be there until Tuesday, when I fly to Orlando to bring Yv and Kate to Disney! I very much doubt I’ll have a chance to do any coding, but the N800 will be along… just in case… ;)


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