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Ever since MeetUp announced they would start charging groups money to use their free service, I started thinking of possible alternatives to keep the Northern NJ Linux Meetup group alive. I understand that everyone is entitled to make a living but I don’t agree with their decision of making this drastic change of heart without any warnings. I have spoken to some people and read some posts/comments online and came to the conclusion that the smaller groups will most likely vanish in the turmoil. Having been the organizer of my group for the last 8 months, I’d really hate to see it go away. So I was thinking of setting up a mailing list / calendaring system where people who are still interested in meeting monthly to talk about Linux can sign up and be informed of events, etc.

Can someone give me some ideas of good mailing list programs (or any other program) that would allow me to do this? All I ask is that it has to run on Linux and be free! Looking forward to some feedback…


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